PRP Breast Lift

Subtly Improve Placement & Fullness Without the Downtime

From the same team that created the PRP Facelift comes the PRP Breast Lift — a remarkably effective non-surgical form of breast augmentation that provides lift and volume with virtually no downtime required after treatment.


The procedure relies on PRP therapy, which utilizes a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma, extracted from their blood and strategically injected into the treatment site, to encourage collagen production and healing.


What to Expect

This procedure will not help you to reshape your breasts, eliminate sagging, or add a full cup size to the bust. Rather, it helps to subtly enhance the breasts in much the same way that a good bra might.


The Breast Lift® can help:

  • Minimize the appearance of stretch marks, scars, or wrinkles
  • Improve overall circulation
  • Encourage tissue growth and collagen production for breasts that appear firmer and fuller


Good candidates for this treatment do not have a history of breast cancer, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and do not smoke or have medical conditions that could interfere with healing. This is an excellent option for those who do not have the time for a full breast augmentation, or who are looking for a more natural, less invasive solution.


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