Geneveve By Viveve: Women’s Intimate Health Treatments in Nashville

The same challenges individuals experience from decreases in collagen production in the face occur in more intimate areas, too. However, because the subject of a woman’s sexual health and satisfaction is so often considered taboo, many women do not reach out to resolve these issues — and many more do not even know that there is anything that can be done.


At Nashville Skin Company, we believe that your health, wellness, and overall quality of life are all as tied to your intimate health as they are to any other aspect.


How Viveve Works

Geneveve by Viveve is a non-surgical treatment that delivers gentle heating to the vaginal tissue while cooling the surface. This addresses the exceedingly common challenge of vaginal laxity, which can result from childbearing, hormonal changes, or simple genetics.


Rather than silently accepting the conditions associated with this laxity — most notably, stress incontinence and decreased sensation or satisfaction during intimacy — receiving this treatment can help to restore collagen and build up vaginal tissue. The result is an increase in natural lubrication and vaginal tightening.


Women of all kinds can benefit from this treatment, including those who:


  • Are peri- and postmenopausal
  • Have given birth vaginally
  • Experience stress incontinence
  • Have experienced a decrease in sexual enjoyment


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Women are frequently discouraged from asking questions about their own bodies, but we want our patients to know that there is no need to simply accept the problems that come with laxity. When such simple, straightforward procedures are available and offer lasting results with virtually zero downtime, no one should have to suffer in silence.

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