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We proudly offer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections to safely and effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles on your face.


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What is Botox?

Botox is one of the most popular and extensively studied injectable anti-aging treatments that work as an alternative to plastic surgery. 


Botox is used as an anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatment that can improve the looks of:


  • Moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines (forehead lines)
  • Lip lines


How Does Botox Work on Wrinkles?

Botox’s key ingredient is botulinum toxin, a paralytic agent that is used to temporarily freeze facial muscles. 


When injected into the targeted muscles, botulinum toxin reduces muscle activity by blocking nerve signals. Botox temporarily relaxes facial muscles, thus smoothing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.


What is a Good Age to Get Botox?

Not only does this injectable treatment make your skin look smoother, but it can also help prevent wrinkles from further deepening. In fact, Botox Cosmetic is even gaining popularity among patients in their mid-20s or early-30s.


What Areas of My Face Can Botox® Cosmetic Injections Enhance?

The best points to inject Botox into areas of the face are:


  • Forehead
  • Corner of the mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Around the eyes


Is Botox Safe?

Out of all the injectables available, Botox is the most extensively studied and widely used not only here in the U.S. but also in other countries. It is safe, effective, and FDA-approved as a non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatment.


What Are the Best Alternative Botox Treatments in Nashville, TN?

Botox is by far the most popular cosmetic treatment option for individuals who want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines without needing cosmetic surgery.


But for some people, Botox may not be as effective, requiring more product than others to achieve the desired result. Botox is typically priced by the unit, potentially increasing the price. 


There are more treatments like Botox, which is why our experts in cosmetic injectables can help determine the best option for you.


Here are a couple of popular Botox alternatives:



Like Botox, Dysport® is used for smoothing out frown lines that appear between the eyebrows. Botox, however, is only able to smooth facial wrinkles and creases located in other treatment areas where Dysport cannot.



Also known as naked Botox, Xeomin is a popular cosmetic alternative to Botox because it does not contain some of the additives Botox has. For those seeking a more natural method of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, Xeomin might be a good option.


Nashville Skin Company offers Xeomin injections for women and men who want to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines without using Botox or Dysport.


What are the Potential Side Effects?

After the Botox® injections, you may experience some of these common side effects: 


  • Redness
  • Minor swelling
  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • “Frozen” facial muscles 


Rest assured, these effects are temporary and usually go away in a few weeks.


Do Botox Procedures Require Downtime for Recovery?

We sometimes refer to Botox as a “lunchtime procedure.” 


This means Botox is a treatment that could technically be performed during your lunch break because it is fast, so you can go right back to work and do other normal activities in minutes or hours after your procedure. It does not require downtime.


How Long Do the Results of Botox Last?

Botox results usually last for three to four months. If you are not satisfied with the initial results (even before this time period), you can schedule touch-up appointments at our Nashville office. We will work with you to help you achieve your desired results.


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