Lash Lifts in Nashville, TN

Give Your Lashes a Boost with Lash Lifts in Nashville, TN

Prominent, fuller lashes create a contrast between the eye and the eyelid, drawing attention to the natural beauty of the eyes and creating a captivating effect. Eyelash curlers have long been the tried-and-true way to do this, earning them the nickname of a “push-up bra for your eyelashes.” The purpose of eyelash curlers is to make your eyelashes appear longer and lift the eye area.


Nashville Skin Company offers a service that creates the same effects as eyelash curlers: lash lifts


Lash lifts are a semi-permanent lift and curl of the lashes, sort of like a perm. The results are a beautiful upward shape and a natural-looking eyelash curl that lasts for six to eight weeks.


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How Do Lash Lifts Work?

Our board-certified aestheticians and beauty specialists will begin by talking with you about your eyelash goals to make sure this is the best treatment option for you. 


We will wash and dry your lashes, use a gentle adhesive to attach silicone shields to your eyelids and place a pad below your eyes. This enables us to focus our attention solely on your eyelashes and give you the best lash lift possible.


We will then place a perming solution, followed by a setting solution on your lashes.


Next, a Keratin conditioner will be applied in order to maintain the integrity of the lashes.


The entire process is completely safe, pain-free, and takes less than an hour. Our team will work diligently to make sure that you are satisfied with your fabulous lashes.


If you want to give your eyes an extra bit of glam, we also offer brow lamination (aka eyebrow tinting).


How Long Do the Results Last?

The results typically last between six to eight weeks. They can vary from person to person depending on the natural speed at which your lashes grow.


You should also note that activities like using harsh makeup and skincare products on the lashes, heat, and swimming can have a negative impact on the treatment’s longevity.


Who Should Consider a Lash Lift?

Because lash lifts enhance your natural lashes, if you have strong, healthy lashes, you will get the greatest benefits from lash lifting.


If you fall under this category and want to draw more attention to your eyes without having to use mascara, a lash lift might be the right service for you.


Lash lifts are a great alternative for those who wish to enhance the appearance of their lashes but do not like the idea of using lash extensions.


Why We Love Lifting Your Eyelashes at Nashville Skin Company

We have a highly personalized process in which our team works with precision to bring your lashes to a new level you’ve never experienced before. 


The way that we constantly keep up with the latest beauty innovations takes time and commitment, but the satisfaction on our patients’ faces when they see their results is priceless.


While you will need to come in every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the effects of this service, our team will make sure it is a pleasant experience and that you look forward to every visit. 


Plus, lash lifts eliminate the need for mascara and curlers for many patients, which is just one more way we enjoy bringing a sense of confidence and ease to your life.


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Say goodbye to the eyelash curler and mascara, and say hello to lush lashes that will completely transform your look and have the world seeing you with new eyes.


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