Myths about Waxing

Warmer weather means we’re getting closer to seeing more bare legs and bikinis — both of which look better when they’re not covered in hair.


But some women find themselves anxious about waxing, especially those who haven’t done it before. They think waxing hurts, that it pulls too hard and creates wrinkles, or that their hair is too short to be waxed.


If you’re one of those women, rest assured that you are not alone. That’s why we’re debunking some of the biggest myths about waxing.


Myth: Waxing will always hurt

Let’s be honest with ourselves: waxing is not the equivalent of getting a massage or mani/pedi. It’s not going to be comfortable, and you may experience some pain. Or you might not — everyone reacts differently to waxing, and that’s perfectly normal. 


That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your technician’s technique; some techniques are more comfortable (well, as comfortable as waxing can be) than others. It’s always a good idea to have waxing done by a trained professional.


Also, keep an eye on your  menstrual cycle — your skin may be more sensitive when you’re on your period and a few days before the cycle starts. If you’re pregnant, you may also experience more sensitivity than usual. Of course ,that doesn’t mean you should avoid waxing while pregnant — many pregnant women find waxing to be a relief when they can’t shave with their razor.


Myth: If you wax, you won’t have ingrowns

Sadly, waxing does not ensure that you’ll never have an ingrown hair but it does help reduce the likelihood. There are no types of hair removal that completely prevent ingrown hair outside of laser hair reduction, which we do offer here at Nashville Skin Company. Ingrown hairs will happen with any type of hair removal (though they are more likely to occur when shaving with a razor than when you wax).


Whether or not you deal with ingrown hairs really just comes down to each individual client — some people are just more likely to get ingrowns than others.


Myth: It’s OK to tweeze ingrowns

While you certainly can tweeze ingrowns, that doesn’t mean you should. Removing ingrowns with a tweeze, or really, without any professional’s assistance, can end with a nasty infection. Instead, contact Nashville Skin Company to schedule an extraction. Our licensed aestheticians have the skill and the training to remove annoying ingrown hairs, so leave it to them to finish the job.


Myth: Waxing will pull your skin and leave you wrinkly or saggy

Waxing has nothing to do with wrinkles or saggy skin — these are common things that are almost guaranteed to occur as people age. Waxing doesn’t pull the skin and create wrinkles or make the skin sag.


That said, you don’t have to be young in order to get a wax. Everyone who wants a wax can get one (though minors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian).


Myth: Your hair needs to be really long in order to be waxed

Not true. In fact, if your hair is longer than what we consider normal (length of a grain of rice), you will have to trim before we do the wax. We recommend trimming any longer hairs ahead of time if you can so we can focus on giving you the best waxing possible (but do not tweeze any ingrowns, please!).


Myth: Hair grows back thicker after waxing your upper lips

Waxing does not affect your hair’s thickness. It only removes hair from the follicles and reduces growth. You’ll simply have less hair to deal with when it grows back.


Leave waxing to the experts at Nashville Skin Company

At Nashville Skin Company, you can expect nothing but the best. We know waxing like the back of our hand — the myths, the truths, what makes it effective — and that’s why you should schedule an appointment with us. You’ll find a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment where you can relax and restore your youth. Contact us today for more information.